Flooterbuck Infobot

What the heck is a "Flooterbuck"?

Flooterbuck Infobot is a rewrite of Kevin Lenzo's Infobot--

Oh no. Not another one.

Well, it's meant to be be cleaner, more modular, and more hackable-on than the current incarnation of infobot.

Let me guess. It's a total rewrite using POE with an SQL back end.

No, absolutely not.

It's not in Python or Guile or some other fashionably-modern language (no Smalltalk bots for me!), and it doesn't use event-driven models or aspect-oriented programming, nor does it have any fancy new Grand designs.

What it is, is an incremental rewrite. I'm taking all the stuff I don't like in the original infobot, cleaning it up and putting in stuff that I like better. Most of what's there now works, so why throw it away? It might not be pretty or anything, but it works, dammit. So I keep the stuff that works, and only when it really gets in my way do I rewrite.

So what's infobot anyway?

Infobot is an IRC bot that provides information. Some of this is static--static information generally called "factoids". Some of it is dynamic--things like eBay listings, weather reports, UPS tracking information, things like that. Snippets of information in general, hence "infobot".

Sounds great! I want to get me some of that!

Of course you do! You can download Flooterbuck 1.2.2, which was released on November 2, 2006.

I want to report a bug/request a feature/ask for help/get the absolute latest version!

You can do all that stuff on the project page. Use the feature request or bug tracker features, Or post in the forums to communicate with the developers. You can also get the absolute latest version from the CVS repository, but be aware that the CVS version might be broken. If it is -- well, when are you done fixing it then?

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